I consider teaching to be an integral part of academic life, and my love of teaching is one of the reasons why I became an academic. My teaching philosophy is centred on encouraging curiosity and I see the classroom as a space where we can all question our assumptions and explore new ideas while debating the big and small questions of international relations. I use a range of learning activities, from more traditional lectures and seminars, to role plays and simulation exercises, to push students to see the subject from different angles. I draw on ‘flipped classroom’ teaching methods, which emphasise active learning and putting students in charge of their own learning.

My teaching goal is to foster critical thinking: I engage with students as independent scholars, encouraging them to apply theories independently to develop their own analytical skills, and giving them the tools to do so.

In the past, I have taught a wide range of subjects related to International Relations and Security Studies, at the University of Sheffield, the University of Birmingham, and the University of Leicester.